Ahead of the curve,
since day dot

For more than 20 years as Advanced Lifestyle Solutions (ALS) and Urban Intelligence, we’ve been shaping the look, feel and functionality of homes, venues and workspaces. You mightn’t have seen us around. But it’s our job to capture life’s intangibles, to make the complex simple. When you’re wandering our cities’ entertainment precincts, wowing over a multi-sensory dining experience or luxuriating at a rooftop cinema, there’s a good chance you’ve felt the pleasure of our presence.

We help you communicate your brand’s identity, values and voice with bespoke end-to-end customer experiences. Or personalise your home to sense when you’re up, when you’re out, and when you’re on your way. Our reputation is built on our collaborative design approach and unmatched range of technical capabilities. And while each of our projects are unique collaborations of newness, at Zelo we have remained industry leaders since our industry’s inception.

The Zelo Team

Michael Stavrou


Sally Stavrou


Stephen Solowoski

/Commercial Business Development

Rebecca Evans

/Project Coordinator

Matthew Evans

/Project Manager

Joshua Moore

/Project Manager

Individual responses for your unique needs

As an accredited and award-winning industry leader, we attract the most cutting-edge commissions – from homes that can read your mood through to the venue and dining experiences that delight a city’s senses. This means we also attract the best people. At the heart of every design, every fit-out, every collaboration and every decision along the way, you’ll find our passionate teams of in-house specialists, always prepared to take the extra step.

Backed by our staff’s combined industry experience of over 40 years, we’re able to meet the most complex challenges with easy-to-use technological solutions. We’re only human, so we naturally get a kick out of our big-picture achievements – like our impact on Melbourne’s hot-right-now foodie scene. But after decades in business, we still get our biggest kick out of the look on a client’s face when they realise we’ve simplified their day.

Want keyless everything? Need your rooms to shut themselves down overnight? Prefer Mozart for your dinner service, Springsteen over lunch? Whatever it is you want, we collaborate with you to find the technology that simplifies your worktime and your downtime, – elevating the everyday.

Ocean House, Lorne

Beer Republic, Epping

Everything we do centres around you. We tailor the technological solutions that naturally enhance your experiences. Every feature – from AV to security, energy management, networking, electrical, lighting control, you name it – is covered under a single contract. And every detail of every process is overseen by a dedicated project manager.

Zelo was born from the merging of two companies to become what it is today. Our name might have changed, but one thing that always remains over 20-plus years in business is our dedication to providing the best personalised technological solutions. On this, we’re still way ahead of the curve.
We establish
Advanced Lifestyle
Solutions – as a man
in a van/home office
We move into
our first (real)
office in Essendon
Urban Intelligence
is launched – specialising
in high-end residential
Urban Intelligence
wins a NECA Certificate
of Commendation for
private residence
We begin our
commercial offering
Urban Intelligence
wins another NECA
award for a private
residence in Malvern
We celebrate
10 years in
We win a
CEDIA – EPA award
for best commercial
We become
Philips Dynalite
dimension dealer
We win a
CEDIA award in
the $250-$500K
We deliver our
largest commercial
project to date -
Crown Casino
We move
offices from
Abbotsford to
South Yarra
We’re awarded
our first hospitality
project - Brunetti,
Our H House
project is featured
on Grand Designs
season five
We’re highly
commended at the
CEDIA awards - The
Pole House
We become
solar accredited
We’re awarded
our first educational
project - OLPH
We’re awarded
our first $1M
contract - Garden
State Hotel
We become
to work on
larger projects
We hire
our first female
We win our
first state and
national NECA
residential award
We acquire
Urban Intelligence
apprentice is
nominated at
the NECA awards
We win our
second state and
national NECA
residential award
Zelo is
launched – two
decades since
the birth of ALS
State Winner
NECA Awards
for HER
Music Room
State Highly
Commended for
Carlisle HQ
National and State
NECA Winner Domestic
Residential Category
Move HQ to
West Melbourne
  • Their attention to detail throughout all aspects of the job were outstanding – with Michael in particular taking the time to keep me informed of the flow of the job and any issues he could foresee arising. This was a big help in the overall running of the project and kept the project on schedule, often offering up cost-saving or more effective alternative solutions in the process. I look forward to working with them again in future developments.

    Brett Cuthbert Village Belle Hotel /Owner
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  • Throughout the lifecycle of the West End development works, they professionally met the project time imperatives. We commend the team for their work ethic through many compressed handovers.

    Josef Seidler Crown Melbourne /Project Director
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  • Not only did they do a first-class job in the fit-out, but they also recommended cost-effective solutions that could be easily supported remotely and upgraded as technology evolves… I will be sure to mention their services to anyone I know of who is looking for quality, professional workmanship.

    Matt Mullins Sand Hill Road Hospitality Group /Owner
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