An array of services,
streamlined just for you.



Smart homes designed and tuned to your wavelength

Limitless support: Design and 24/7 service

We take the time to learn about how you live and work, so together we can design a total home package that suits your lifestyle. And once you’re up and running, our 24/7 service team is there to keep things just so.

Forever flexible: Future planning

While we can’t predict what the future will look like, we can certainly plan for it. That’s why we’ll run extra cables and set up systems to streamline future technology advancements.

Reduced carbon footprint: Renewable energy

We’re fully accredited to design and install custom packages to help reduce your home’s carbon footprint, so we can help you green your lifestyle. Think: solar panels, battery storage, and real-time usage monitoring on your phone or touch screens.

Unbridled connectivity: Networking

Regardless of how you use your bandwidth, you’re always running at top speed. We take the time to understand your wireless requirements, so we can plan and design the most robust coverage for you home.

Intuitive living: Automation

We customise every feature so it all clicks, together and with your lifestyle. From self-closing blinds on hot days to intuitive shower fans, remote air-con activation to overnight lock-down – with automation, the sky’s the limit.

Peace of mind: Security

When you’re in the know, security becomes an afterthought. Whether you want keyless everything, real-time alarm and motion-sensor alerts, remote camera access (even to open the gate for the dog-walker from work), we’ve got your security covered.

Radiant spaces: Lighting/Electrical

Intuitive lighting and electrics to pre-empt your mood, all designed, installed and customised by qualified electricians. We’ll help you refine and tweak every setting until it’s 100% tuned to your wavelength.

Real-time entertainment: AV/Home entertainment

Music and visual entertainment, ready whenever and wherever you are. All at your fingertips, so relaxation doesn’t have to wait. Think: one-click home-cinema experience and music flowing throughout every room.

Bespoke packages to help create that vibe, communicate your brand and elevate your customers’ experience.

Limitless support: Design and 24/7 service

Once we’ve learned how your business lives and breathes, we collaborate to create an integrated package responding to every one of your (and your customers’) needs. Then we manage everything from brainstorm to install to training and grand unveiling. And our 24/7 service team is on-hand for anything after that.

Forever flexible: Future planning

While we can’t know exactly how the future will unfold, 20-plus years in business has taught us that it certainly pays to plan ahead. That’s why, when we create technological solutions for your business today, we do so with one eye on streamlining your capacity for tomorrow’s advancements.

Bespoke solutions: Custom solutions

From rooftop cinemas to iconic holiday accommodation and the restaurants and bars people queue for, every Zelo client is unique. We bring together 40-plus years of combined experience in translating client dreams and requirements into functional solutions. And we’re up for any challenge you can throw at us.

Illuminated branding: Digital signage

Capture your customers by the eyeballs and illuminate your brand with bespoke digital messaging. From LED walls to street signage, information kiosks to bars and sports arenas – we can tailor a package to put your brand (literally) in lights.

Unbridled connectivity: Networking/Infrastructure

We’ll work with you to create infrastructure and data solutions to streamline the experiences that keep your customers coming back. From point-of-sale to mood control, security systems and remote everything – every business uses the internet in different ways. We have the tools to help you maximise your connectivity.

Peace of mind: Security

We customise security packages that keep you updated and in complete control, so you can focus your attentions on bringing people in, rather than keeping them out. Most importantly, every space we design is safe: for you, your staff, and especially your patrons.

End-to-end technology: Integration

You can trust that what we deliver will not only work, but your customers feel the benefits, exactly as intended. From concept to handover, our experienced staff have our processes down pat. No gimmicks, bells or whistles – just integrated technology that clicks.

One-touch control: Automation

Every feature is at your fingertips, with our personalised, intuitive, simple-to-use systems. And because we bring all the technology together into a single user interface, it’s easy to keep every element in tune.

Music and sound: Audio

Boardroom to bar (and everything in between), we can help you capture the vibe you need for every space. Whether it’s crisp conference acoustics, or ambience that’s irresistible from the street, we have the sound technology to give your brand a voice.

Radiant spaces: Lighting/Electrical

Transform the room and shift the mood throughout the day with beautiful lighting designs and fittings. Our accredited team of electricians take care of every detail, so you can get on with dialling up (or down) the atmosphere.

From keyless everything to intuitive lighting, heating and cooling; seamless home entertainment networks to airtight security – we have a bunch of offerings to help make your home life more comfortable, convenient and secure. And because we take the time to learn how you live and work, we’ll customise a package that not only works, but also works for you.

Canopy House, Armadale

Garden State, Flinders Lane

Create that vibe, communicate your brand, streamline your processes, or elevate your customer experience: we’re here with an array of services to help. From front-of-house wow-factor to advanced security, intuitive sound and lighting, 24/7 service and beyond – we’ll design you an integrated package that just clicks, with your business and your customers.